I am currently out of the United States. 

Appointments are available on Zoom.

In-person communication (readings) are not available at this time.  


All conversations on Zoom may be recorded,

and the video emailed to you.

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Susan Hazard


Intuitive Medium


Susan Hazard


"Susan's spirit is so energetic and loving...she is an amazing instrument for spirit to connect with me. I have known her for years, and I appreciate her on the deepest level." 

PE, Santa Barbara, California 

​​ Susan Hazard, a National Spiritualist Association of Churches medium, perceives your aura - your energy field- as flowers and other symbols. Your ever changing aura reveals your state of mind, concerns, interest - your life. The doorway to communication is opened to convey information and messages from YOUR family and friends, guides, teachers and mentors in spirit to you. 

Your aura is only the beginning of the communication process.

The main purpose of mediums is not to predict the future; they are not psychics or fortune tellers. Mediumship is mental communication with Spirit, conveying information from your loved ones in spirit to offer you insight, clarity, understanding and direction in your life choices. The information focuses on being compassionate, understanding, truthful and positive with accuracy and humor. Although Susan is a medium, not a psychic, some insight into the future may be provided if it will assist you

with achieving your best decisions.

Susan has been practicing her gift for over twenty-five years, and is a National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC) Certified Medium and a member of the Golden Gate Spiritualist Church in San Francisco, California.