Are you ready to participate in communication with spirit?

Susan Hazard​

Intuitive Medium


Mediums are not here to frighten, startle or alarm you. There may be some element of surprise with the quality and/or quantity of the information you receive, but the messages are to assist you; not intentionally upset you. The best attitude to have when you are ready for your reading is to be relaxed and let your mind be at ease. This provides a calmer atmosphere for Spirit to bring information to you. Keep an open mind and heart at all times. 

Ask the medium for the fee for the time to be spent with you. 

The fee is for the time you spend with the medium; not the information provided. The length of the communication depends upon what time you have available for a session. The communication can be digitally recorded and emailed to you for your future reference. There is no additional charge for the recording or the emailing. If you need the recording on an electronic device, as a thumb drive, you may be requested to pay for the additional time for recording, packaging and mailing.

Let the medium set the pace of the communication.

Your most important or compelling issues may not be what your family, friends, and guides in Spirit may want to address first - be patient. You will have an opportunity to ask questions. Trying to make the medium do the reading in a preconceived manner may lead to confusion and inability to provide an accurate communication for you. 

Write your questions before you come to the communication, and bring them with you. 

Your family, friends, loved ones and guides in Spirit don't always have the answer to your questions on the spur of the moment. You need to meditate on the questions prior to your reading. Remember to bring your list of questions with you.

Proof of identity is provided by Spirit in many different manners 

Confirmation of identity may be offered through names, last known physical description, known events - shared or not, relationships or identifiable symbols. Be ready and willing to verify the evidential information so the medium can continue to give the message. If you do not recognize the information, tell the medium so a different avenue of description may be followed. Sometimes identification comes at the end of the communication; be patient.

Disputing the message or information before it is fully given to you is counterproductive


Don't argue with the medium. The message may be more clear at the end of the reading, or a fuller meaning of the message may occur at a later time. Let the medium know when they are correct. If you are focused on finding fault or inaccuracy with the medium, you will create an atmosphere of distrust, which leads to disconnection and an adverse relationship.

Remember, mediums are not fortune tellers!

A truly successful communication with spirit is measured by the insight, clarity and guidance it provides you; not glimpses or promises of the future. A reading may involve some aspects of prophecy, or foresight, but the future is in a constant flux. The future is always changing as you make different decisions. Prophecy or fortune telling may be inaccurate because you have the power to change your future. 

Know when the communication is done

Communication with spirit serves to bring information to you from your family, friends, loved ones and guides in Spirit. Spirit time is not chronos, or human time. The medium knows when the Spirit presences have left. Give yourself time to reflect upon what you've heard, especially if you have opted to receive a recording of the session. Listening again to the information may answer additional questions. You can make another appointment time to have another session if you have more questions.