Susan Hazard

Intuitive Medium

All information is conveyed to you in a conversational manner. 

Susan does not utilize trance channeling, out of body experience, speaking in voices,

the use of cards, crystals, massage, palmistry, tea leaves or other physical object or touch methods. 

All communication with you family, friends and guides in spirit is specific to you. 




Susan Hazard uses her gifts to bring you verifiable information through:

Objective clairvoyance: 

Seeing objectively spiritual objects as figures and symbols, for example flowers in your aura.


Sensing Spirit communication and images through perceived thoughts in the medium's mind.

Intuitive clairaudience: 

Receiving thought impressions in the conscious mind in the form of words.

Subjective clairvoyance: 

Images, similar to photographs, and visions impressed upon the mind and perceived by the medium.