Susan Hazard

Intuitive Medium

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an aura?

Your aura is your human energy field. Thermal imaging of your body shows varying degrees of temperature that are displayed as colors. The radiating colors of your energy field, or aura, can be reds, oranges and yellows for heat and warmth, or blues and greens for coolness. Traditionally, auras are perceived by intuitive or psychic people as colors, and the colors have prescribed meanings. Everyone has an aura unique to them. As you change, your aura changes.

Why do you see flowers and other objects instead of colors in my aura? 

My unique gift of perceiving the aura as flowers was discovered in 1992 while living in Ireland. I was very surprised! I expected to see colors only. I have accepted my unique gift as seeing flowers and other meaningful objects as a symbolic hint as to the situations in people's lives, because it is effective in many ways. It is interesting to most people to know their auras offer a glimpse into their lives, it doesn't produce fear or distrust, and the symbols allow me to connect to Spirit swiftly and effectively. I am always delighted at my gift and what I perceive in people's auras. 

What do flowers in my aura symbolize?

Flowers and trees have historically always had symbolic meanings. The popularity of flower meanings reached its zenith in the Victorian age, with many books recording variations on the meanings of flowers and other plants. The popularity of flower meanings waned after the turn of the 20th century, but some examples still linger. Red roses signify love and an olive branch is for peace. Apple trees are temptation, daisies are innocence. ivy is fidelity and marriage, and lavender is calm. Rosemary, a symbol for remembrance, if planted by the door of a home symbolizes a women rules the home.

Do the flowers and other objects in my aura change? 

As you change from moment to moment, so does your aura. Your aura reflects your state of mental, physical and spiritual being. Your aura reflects the changes you are experiencing. As you change, your aura changes.

What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

A psychic receives or obtains information from you. Information is received through your aura, your Higher Self, memories and thoughts. A medium is a messenger, or conduit, for greetings and information from family, friends, teachers, mentors and healers in Spirit. A medium can receive information as a psychic, but a psychic is not a medium. As a National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC) medium, I strive to bring verifiable information to you. If a message is conveyed from someone you recognize, as a loved member of your family that you knew, it is verifiable recognition. You can confirm recognition of the source of the information. 

Why do you call yourself an intuitive medium? 

The intuitive aspect of my communication is utilizing intuitive, or psychic, skills to perceive your aura as a "door opener" to mediumship. Perceiving your aura allows me to enter the "thin space" of Spirit contact. I do not use the intuitive skills for messages; I use mental mediumship. 

What is a "reading" and what can I expect?

Communication with spirit, often called "readings" or conveying messages, begins with a prayer of protection for all involved in the process. Next, I identify what your aura is displaying. Your aura may be showing flowers, trees, or other objects that are a clue to what you are experiencing at that moment in time. After perceiving your aura, I begin to relay information channeled from Spirit to you. After the initial information is conveyed to you, there is an opportunity to ask questions. The reading can be digitally recorded with your request and emailed to you at the end of the session. The readings are half an hour minimum, and two hour maximum. 

Are you going to tell me something frightening?

It is not my role or purpose to frighten you. The information I am prese\nted to relay to you is always stated in a positive manner if possible. I will not speak of future deaths. Your life is your choice, and you make the difference in your life to have positive or negative experiences. How you receive the information is your choice, but I will always tell the truth in the most positive manner possible.