Susan Hazard


Intuitive Medium


You are a never ending story.


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Thank you. 


Susan sees your aura - your energy field- as flowers and other symbols. Your ever changing aura reveals your state of mind, concerns, interest - your life, opening the doorway to Spirit communication for information and messages from YOUR family and friends, guides, teachers and mentors to you.  But your aura is only the beginning of the process. Mediums do not serve to predict the future, and are not fortune tellers. Mediumship is mental communication with Spirit, serving to bring you insight, clarity, understanding and direction in your life choices. Susan offers insight into your current life path in a positive and uplifting manner, with compassion, understanding, truthfulness, accuracy and humor. She has been practicing her gift for over twelve years, and is a National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC) Certified Medium. 

Susan's gift assists you in understanding your unique role as a spiritual being living a human experience.